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In line with its strategic vision, AFU aims to establish a center of Research and Professional Development through joint research collaborations and interdisciplinary research. This goal will be achieved by:

    • Providing the research infrastructure and budgets to initiate and develop scholarly activities
    • Develop the Excellence of Scientific Research and Professional Development through collaborative industrial partnerships, external grants and alumni sponsorships
    • Promote interdisciplinary research through innovative multi-disciplinary programs meeting the research needs of the UAE community and GCC community
    • Maintain comprehensive self-development and professional programs for professional growth and development of faculty and staff at AFU

In this context, AFU has organized a series of international conferences (TASK1-2017, TASK2-2018, and TASK3-2019). Furthermore, faculty members have been active in developing fruitful research collaborations which resulted in publications at international ranked journals and conferences indexed by SCOPUS. The research outputs of AFU expect to increase in the future with a focus on both the quantity and quality of research in order to assure the University’s vision as a producer of knowledge. To help in this matter, AFU had developed a set of research related policies (such as research incentives for published papers in SCOPUS journals, reduction in workload for active researchers, and fund to attend international conferences), which aim to develop the research capacity at the university.

AFU will pursue its research plans which will contribute to the development of UAE society and the economy as well as the world. In this page, you will find all AFU research activities and achievements.


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