Al Falah University organized a lecture entitled "Between Masters and Doctoral Level, the March to Success," presented by Sheikh Faisal Al Mualla and attended by AFU academic and administrative staff and students lead by the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Sameer Barghouthi. At the beginning of the lecture, Sheikh Faisal Al Mualla, Ph.D. holder in Knowledge Management from Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom spoke of his personal experiences, his education in various stages of his study and his numerous accomplishments. Sheikh Al Mualla discussed the development of education in the UAE in the recent period through innovative and creative ideas by the wise leadership which mainly concentrated in strengthening the role of the educational system to shape a bright future for succeeding generations in the United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Al Mualla also pointed out that education is the foundation upon which success could be achieved and is a secure passage to a better future. Towards the end of the lecture, Sheikh Faisal Al Mualla entertained questions from AFU academic and administrative staff and students.