College of Law Goals

  1. Provide necessary scientific and practical environment to all faculty members to ensure their quality of teaching, research and training.
  2. Establish and strengthen balanced scientific skills among law students in three dimensions; applied knowledge, skills and ethics.
  3. Support the dissemination of legal culture and cultural values of the Islamic civilization through the promotion of scientific research, public conferences and seminars.
  4. Implement the rules of law in its branches and provisions by developing and linking it to the UAE legislature.
  5. Participate in the developmental needs of the state and the region by offering qualified legal staff to furnish the labor market with this required specialization.
  6. Support continuing education in the service of the community through the development and implementation of training programs, workshops and legal advice.
  7. Communicate with community organizations and various business sectors to determine the demands of the labor market and develop academic programs at the university.