Student Testimonials

"When I joined Al Falah University my goal was to get a degree in law and to be able to practice it. Law is what regulates our daily lives and our rights and obligations towards others. Today I am on the doors of graduation. My skills and understanding of legal matters improved."

Sari Mohammed Al Hindi


"Before joining Al Falah University, I researched its academic staff and found out they are among the best teachers. I joined College of Law to learn how to deal with laws and how to apply them. After my bachelor's degree, I will also strive for a master's and doctorate. I hope Al Falah University will remain an excellent objective for academic staff who taught students with the right approach"

Salwa Mohamed Ahmed


About The College

The College of Law seeks to educate students with their rights and responsibilities by providing them exemplary quality of instruction as well as hands-on experience. AFU benefits the community with qualified graduates capable of upgrading legal professions, who add value to this field and to the organizations they work for.

The College offers a four-year degree program in Law with the main language of instruction as Arabic. It also provides computer skills that are essential to introduce students to the technological revolution that continually produces fresh information, and help them monitor such breakthroughs worldwide.

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Undergraduate Programs

Why Choose Al Falah?

Partial Scholarships
AFU offers scholarships for outstanding students up to 40%
Timing Flexibility
Both Morning and Evening classes are available from Saturday till Thursday.
Accreditation & Recognition
Our educational programs are approved and licensed by the Ministry of Education.
AFU is located in the heart of Dubai
Payment Flexibility
University fees can be paid in installments
Outstanding Facilities
The campus facilities’ include laboratories, cafeteria, dining rooms, lecture halls, library, etc.

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